Learn to Play - Dragon Ball Super Cards Online

Learn to Play

For First-Time Players

DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME is a two-player competitive trading card game! Players make decks of 1 Leader Card and 50 Battle Cards/Extra Cards to fight it out! The game lets you experience the blazing-fast battles of Dragon Ball in a card game!

If you are serious about learning this exciting new game, feel free to check out the official Dragon Ball Super Tutorial Movie from Bandai:

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Tutorial Movie

Card Types

There are 3 types of cards:

Leader Cards
These cards are the core of your deck!
They’re placed on the field at the beginning of the game!
Leader Card uses CG illustrations and Double-sided design
Battle Cards
These cards are essential to battle!
A huge cast of characters engage in white-hot battle!
Battle Card uses Anime illustrations.
Extra Card
Powerful cards to take control!
Use them to expand your battle strategies!
Extra Card uses Anime illustrations.

Winning the Game

Each player starts with 8 Lives. The first player to deal enough damage to the opponent’s Leader Card to reduce its life to zero wins the game!

Free Tutorial App

One of the the fastest and simplest ways to start playing the Dragon Ball super Card Game is by downloading the official Dragon Ball Super Card Game Tutorial App! Although the app is heavily  tailored towards beginners, it is a great way to play the card game for the first time.

Play the App of DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME and learn the rules as you go!

  • This version is for tutorial-use only.
  • You cannot play online matches, buy cards, or edit decks.