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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Events at Origins Fair

DBS TCG at Origins Fair was an event filled 5 days with unique tournament formats

The DBS card game events were hosted by ARG this year at Origins Fair. ARG did an outstanding job organizing the event and all events were ran fluidly. The DBS events ran from Wednesday all the way to Sunday. On Wednesday, the Draft Battles took place where competitors took part in a draft style format, which was a first to be held at a DBS event. On Thursday and Friday, the 3v3 Team Battles took place. The 3v3 Team Battles had to be the most unique format Bandai has come up with for competitors to partake in. On Saturday was the most competitive event of the weekend, the Regional with nearly 150 players taking part in the event. Sunday was a smaller Regional with similar prizes as the previous events.

3v3 Team Battles

The format of these games would be that each team would comprise of 3 people. Each person had to be running a different deck, so no two cards could be the same in either of the 3 decks. This made your deck building choices slightly less optimal, but still very fun. I think what made this event awesome is that during play, players on the same team were able to communicate and help each other during the match. If one player found themselves in a tricky situation, they could ask their team members for advice on what to do. This format is where pro teams such as Pro Play Games and Kitchen Table Meta really shined as they consistently topped these events. There were 3 different times where team battles started each day, so a total of 6 tournaments were held across the 2 days. The prizing was very generous consisting of awesome play mats just for participating and new event packs that debuted at Origins Fair. I hope Bandai will continue to roll this style of format out for future regional events as the number of competitive teams grows this event will be one that will drive teams to really compete for the glory of being the best!


Origins Fair Saturday Regional

This event featured some of the highest level competition to date of any previous Dragon Ball Super Card game regional. Although the attendance may not have been as high as previous regionals, pro players from both Pro Play Games and Kitchen Table Meta brought out some of their best players to compete at this event. The regional format was 7 rounds, best of 3 60 minute time frame with no turns once time has been called. This was a new format that Bandai and ARG were experimenting with, and based on the time the event was able to be completed, I believe this is a fair format going forward for all future DBS large events. The meta at Origins was very diverse with leaders as such Vegeta, U7 Frieza, Ginyu, SS3, and even Pan having strong showings at the event. The player who ended up taking 1st place at the event was Danny Phongsavath, from Kitchen Table Meta who ran SS3 Red/Blue. It was his first ever regional 1st place and I’m sure we will continue to see a strong showing from Danny at future DBS events! Pro Play Games’s Justin Rios took home 2nd place showcasing his unique U7 Frieza build with the green Veggies engine. And 3rd place went to Rishi Chaudhary, who was piloting Ginyu Red/Green Veggies. Here are a few deck profiles of players who did well at the Regional Event:

Credit to our friends over at Scouter Report for the awesome deck profile.

Overall it was an amazing DBS filled weekend that us here at DBSCO really enjoyed! Origins Fair as a whole was a nice experience. The game will continue to grow and hopefully next year the competitive scene at Origins Fair will be even better. We definitely recommend you attend next year as the event will only get better! We will continue to bring you guys coverage of all the upcoming DBS National Qualifier events starting in August! We are in the works on putting together our own DBSCO sponsored team, to compete with the big guys in the near future, so to stay updated make sure to keep up on our post and for all your DBS needs, DBSCO has you covered.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Card Game Events at Origins Fair

  1. hey does anyone know how does turns work in 3v3? does a team take 1 turn and then then other team? or does each turn goes numbered per player 1,2,3,4,5,6?

    or 1, 2,3 then 4,5,6 (numbers are the players)

    • The 3v3 Team Battle is pretty much 3 separate games played next to each other. Turns for each individual game is played out the same as it were just a normal match. If 2 players on a team win their games, that is a win for the team that round.

      Let me know if that helps!

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