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Why everyone is switching to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game

If you haven’t tried playing a game of the new Dragon Ball Super Card Game, you’ve been missing out on a beautiful, fast pace, strategy based trading card game. How the Dragon Ball Super Card Game plays is so intuitive and fluid, it makes the game fairly easy to pick up as a beginner. That same simple style of play involved in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game makes for a very high skill cap game where the more you learn, the more intricate your plays can become.

This game has been described as a combination of other popular card games. It borrows various mechanics from other games¬†but ties them together seamlessly. What makes this game so high pace compared to other trading card games you may have played, is the fact that as you start to lose lives you start approaching your leader’s awaken state. Once your leader awakens, it is usually an advantage of some sort, so it adds another element to keep in mind while playing. You’ll find yourself thinking of various ways of using your cards in order to optimize your chances of winning the match. You have to be able to predict your opponent or catch your opponent off guard with an unexpected play.

Whether you want to play the game simply for fun or if you want to get really competitive¬†with the game, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game community is one of the best! Games can come down to wire where one mistake can potentially cost you the game in high-level tournaments. This high level of competitiveness in the game will continue to propel¬†the game forward for those who love competitive¬†strategy games! The game is just getting started and will have a very successful longevity for years to come. If you’re a fan of strategy based game, you’ll love the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

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