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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box Battle Cards

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box Battle Cards

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box Battle Cards

Hey DBS players, are you guys excited for the new Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box being released on August 2nd? The Ultimate Box looks amazing! It’s going to bring us a lot of interesting cards and new leaders that will have their impact on the meta moving forward. Aside from the 5 new Leaders in the Ultimate Box, I want to tell you guys about what I believe are the top 5 Battle Cards in the set and why they may see play once they are legal in tournaments.

5) Elegant Assistance Heles

Super Combo¬†ÔľąYou can only include up to 4 cards with¬†Super Combo¬†in your deckÔľČ
Auto¬†When you combo with this card, if your Leader Card is a „ÄäGod„Äč or „ÄäUniverse 2„Äč and youÔĹí life is at 4 or less, you may place 1 card from your hand in your Drop Area. If you do so, draw 2 cards, and this card gains +10000 combo power for the duration of the turn.

A new super combo may not seem all that much, but the interesting part about this card is that¬†„ÄäGod„ÄčLeader cards can utilize this super combo. Perhaps this can help a Piccolo Deck be stronger!

4) Forced Absorption Demigra

Triple Strike
Auto¬†When this card attacks, if your Leader Card is a ‚Č™Demon God‚Čę and you have 15 or more Black Cards in your Warp, choose all of your opponent’s Battle Cards ignoring¬†Barrier¬†and combo with them in your Combo Area.

The Demigra¬†Deck has been seeing some local play, but most can agree the deck isn’t able to keep up in the current format. What makes this card so interesting, is how well it provides the Demigra¬†deck with a finisher. Before you had to rely on the Set 4 SCR to close out games. Having to draw into a 1 of Ultimate card in a deck that doesn’t inherently¬†have a lot of draw power can be tough. Now you can potentially run a playset of finisher cards.

If this card comes out in a late game grind match against an SS3 Apes, it will make a huge impact in the game. The card is a 5 drop board wipe, ignoring Barrier, Triple Strike and combo with all your opponent’s board? That’s not bad at all. If the meta slows down just a bit, you can bet this card will be a big force to reckon with!

3) Toppo Unleashed

EX-Evolveone, place 3 cards from the top of your deck in your Drop Area : ÔľúToppoÔľě with an energy cost of 4 or more.
Auto¬†When a card evolves into this card, if your Leader Card is „ÄäUniverse 11„Äč and you have 8 or more „ÄäUniverse 11„Äč in your Drop Area, draw 2 cards and for the duration of the turn this card gains¬†Double Strike¬†and¬†Critical.


This is exactly the type of card the Jiren Deck needed! The synergy between this card, the new Jiren Leader is great. With the new Jiren, you are discarding Universe 11 cards to your drop in order to drop. Very similar to U7 Frieza from Tournament of Power set. As more Universe 11 go in your drop, by the time you’re¬†ready to play this new Toppo he will be able to resolve his full effect. Assuming you already have Ally of Justice Toppo on the board, for 1 colorless energy you get a Barrier Blocker that draws 2 when its played and gets Double Strike Critical. That is definitely¬†a lot of good effects for one card to have. Very excited to see how this card is utilized in the new Jiren¬†Deck.

2) Awe-Inspiring Intimidator SSB Vegito

Permanent¬†If your Leader Card is blue and this card is in Rest Mode, this card gains¬†Barrier¬†and your opponent’s cards can’t attack your Leader Card.
Auto When you play this card, if you have 5 or more energy, draw 1 card.


With the rise of SS3 blue control in the current meta, it’s hard to ignore how great this card can potentially be. We have seen how strong a Trios De Danger Bergamo can be in stopping aggression, but its weakness in an SS3 deck is removal. Although this card doesn’t gain the 5k every time it is attacked, it is Barrier, so your opponent will have to have multiple ways of dealing with these defenders. You aren’t able to Bergamo Lock your opponent with these cards, but you will be putting your opponent in a situation where they can only swing at your 15k leader. Even the Leader card can only attack this card, so until this Vegito is dealt with, your lives will be safe.

1) Deathless Warrior Broly

Evolve¬†¬†: ÔľúBrolyÔľě
Permanent¬†When evolving this card into a „ÄąBroly„ÄČ with a different card name from your hand, the¬†Evolve¬†cost is decreased by¬†¬†.
Auto¬†When you play this card, if your Leader Card is ÔľúBrolyÔľě, your opponent may choose 1 of their Battle Cards and KO it. If they don’t KO a card this way, they instead choose 2 cards in their hand and place them in their Drop Area.


I’ll be honest, I may be feeling a bit of Broly hype from the new Dragon Ball Super Broly movie that releases in January. With the movie hype aside, in a slightly slower meta where the Broly cards are more viable, this card has the potential to be very devastating. The synergy between Endless Evolution Broly, this card, and the previous late-game Broly cards,¬†is strong. When you play Endless Evolution Broly your opponent has to KO a card. Then for 1 energy, you can evolve him into Deathless Warrior Broly. Then to go into the next Broly, its evolve cost is reduced by 2 green energy. This helps get your late game Broly cards in play for less energy. Strong effects for less energy is always going to be a strong change. I think we will definitely be seeing more Broly cards in hand destruction focused decks moving forward.

Final Overview

Although I don’t believe these cards will be completely meta changing, I do think the Ultimate Box brings a lot of great cards for the game!¬†Check out the full card list of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box Battle Cards on Bandai’s official site. I think the real value in these¬†cards is how they will impact future metas, while being exclusive to this limited release expansion set. Make sure you don’t forget to order your Ultimate Box on our shop! Thank you all for your time!

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box Battle Cards

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box

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