Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online - Dragon Ball Super Cards Online

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online

Play the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a collectible card game featuring characters spanning the entire history of the Dragon Ball franchise!

Launched in 2017, the game features simple but deep rules that let you experience the fierce battles of the series firsthand!

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online

Dragon Ball Super Card Game feature art that’s straight out of the TV show, along with special CG illustrations that you’ll only find in the DRAGON BALL CARD GAME! It’s this kind of quality and attention to detail that allows you to submerge yourself fully in the world of the series.

Learn how to play the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online

Play DBS Card Game Online with Untap. Untap is a platform that allows you to play with other players online. In the video, we will briefly go over how to create your deck once you log in, how to start a new game, and the general mechanics of how to use the interface. Getting a good hang of the interface and the ways of quickly communicating with your opponent.

Enjoy your favorite card game online with other players across the world!

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Untap currently only supports Desktop play.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online Tournaments

We will be hosting Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online Tournaments through the Untap platform!

We will ship Tournament packs and other prizes to the Winners of our online tournaments.

Current Series Tournament Pack:

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online

The goal of our online tournaments is to provide a platform where players around the world can play with one another in a competitive atmosphere. Online play allows you to gain practice against different decks or meta decks.

This practice can help you get ready for your next big local or regional DBS event!

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online


All DBSCO Online Tournaments will take play withing a few hours depending on the number of participants. We will provide and support constant communication through a discord server.

  • We will provide the Parings after each round.
  • You can access an official judge on our discord during the online tournament to help with any player issues that may arise.
  • Tournament formats will vary across best of 1 and best of 3 depending on the tournament event.

Some DBSCO Online Tournaments will grant players Winner Points!

We plan on introducing Winner Points, an interesting feature for some of our online tournaments.

  • Earn Winner Points for each win a player gets in the tournaments.
  • The points will be added up across a small season of online tournaments.
  • Top placers at the end of the season will receive additional prizing!

How will the rankings unfold as more and more tournaments take place? Do you have what it takes to face players from across the world and become the best?

For more information on our online tournaments schedule, visit our DBSCO Online Tournaments page.