New Dragon Ball Super - Official Movie Teaser - Dragon Ball Super Cards Online

New Dragon Ball Super – Official Movie Teaser

Dragon Ball Super - Official Movie Teaser

New Dragon Ball Super – Official Movie Teaser!


After watching the new teaser for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie, it looks like the teaser is introducing what may potentially be the introduction to the next season of Dragon Ball Super. Just like the Battle of the Gods movie prefaced the first Dragon Ball Super series. I began to get excited about the future possibilities for Leader cards and Battle cards Bandai will add in the Dragon Ball Super card game. based off characters in the movie. Not only the movie, but future characters that will be introduced in future arcs of Dragon Ball Super. We all know Vegeta still has his promise with Cabba, so you know universe 7 is going to be making a trip to Planet Sadala. The possibles of new saiyans that will be introduced in the series as well as the card game is something to look forward to. Of course cards based on the movie and future episodes of Dragon Ball Super will have to wait until after the movie is released, but its interesting to think who the man covered in green is and how they will develop him into the Dragon Ball Super universe.

For now we have some great news about the new series of cards coming out in May for the Dragon Ball Super card game. There will be a new set based on the recently completed airing of the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super!

There will be a whole bunch of new cards based on characters introduced in the arc. You can check out some of the previews of the new tournament of power cards here. Whether you’re a veteran player excited for the potential meta changes the new cards will bring, or if you’re a beginner looking to just get into the game today. The Tournament of Power set, which are available for pre-order here, has stand alone strategies you’ll be able to pick up easily! The best place to get started is by building a deck using our deck builder and guides, then playing the deck online with casual or competitive game play on our Dragon Ball Super online card game.

Here is the Dragon Ball Super Teaser:

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