Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer - Dragon Ball Super Cards Online

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer


This Exclusive First-Look at the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer was just released at the San Diego, CA┬áComic Con 2018 during the Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018. After watching countless teaser trailers since this movie was announced, the official trailer is finally here. Looks like it’s coming to┬átheaters in North American in January 2019. We can’t wait till then!

Here is the New Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer:

Before it was officially announced that the new DBS movie was about Broly I was excited about the future possibilities for Leader cards and Battle cards Bandai will add in the Dragon Ball Super card game based off characters in the movie. Not only the movie, but future characters that will be introduced in future arcs of Dragon Ball Super. Today we have our answer! It has been released that a new Limited Edition Promo Card will be released along side the movie.

New Broly Leader will be released for the new movie! This new Limited Edition promo will be given out at the theater releases of the new DBS Broly Movie.

This new Broly Leader card looks amazing, we can’t until a whole bunch of new cards based on characters from the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie are introduced.

This is great for the DBS Card Game community as we can now look forward to the potential of more cards being released based off this new movie!

For now you can check out some of the newest cards released, Colossal Warfare cards here. Whether you’re a veteran player excited for the new Set 4 meta changes the new cards will bring, or if you’re a beginner looking to just get into the game today. The best place to get started is by building a deck using our deck builder and guides, then playing the deck online with casual or competitive game play on our Dragon Ball Super online card game.

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